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Student loan services screwing 30 percent more troops and counting

When will the loan servicers stop the nonsense? Why isn’t the Department of Education holding their feet to the fire? Consider this.  The Department of Justice (Justice, not Education), documented that Sallie Mae has been overcharging interest to active duty members of the military since 2005, in violation of the servicemembers Civil Relief

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Mortgage, How to Solve the Problem

A lot of people in the world have to face financial problems  when a global financial recession is around us. It makes,  what we are fighting for worthless,  and we have to do what’s best for us. People keep struggling on their way to make money because they know money

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Payday Loan and Financial Recession

In this financial recession, to make good money seems to be very difficult. We have a lot of expenses to pay, but we have no money at all.  Usually we have to wait until pay day to get money to pay our bills. The answer to this  problem is instant payday

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Stopping Identity Theft Before It Begins

Identity theft can cause major problems in your personal and professional life. It is not fun to go through clearing up the issue of the theft, especially if it touches your financial assets. The burden of proof is always on you to show the various companies that you were indeed

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Settlement Loans

This guide is designed to explain the reasons why someone in a pending lawsuit would want to apply for a settlement loan. A settlement loan is basically a cash advance on a possible settlement amount that you may receive from a pending lawsuit. A settlement loan provider reviews the probability and

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Student Credit Cards – Online Offer

Online credit card applications can be found at where students can compare the best credit card offers currently available.  Conscientious credit card use can lead to a lifetime of low-interest rate loan opportunities like auto loans, mortgages and other forms of consumer credit.  Even though students tend to have

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